New Cohort starts: 21 May, 2022

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Program Duration: 2 months

2 hours/week

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Course Contents

Session - 1

 Cryptocurrencies explained
 What is Bitcoin? Blockchain of bitcoin explained.
 What is Ethereum, Dogecoin, ShibaInu, Meme coins etc. ?
 Importance of Regulations in context of cryptocurrencies – Currencies Vs. Cryptos

Session - 2

 What is Blockchain? Blockchain explained.
 Structure of blockchains – Block, Chains, Network 
 Meaning of Consensus explained 
 SHA256, Proof of work consensus
 Cryptography explained
 Ledger : Meaning, history, entry system : Traditional vs. Blockchain

Session - 3

 NFTs : We will cover brief about NFTs
 Wrapped Assets – brief explained 
 Crypto Wallets – brief explained 

Session - 4

 Top 10 Prominent Blockchains - We will explain basics of Top 10 Blockchains

Session - 5

 ​Concept of Centralization & Decentralization
 Crypto Exchanges : CeX Vs. DeX explained , Blockchains with coins / without coins, Listing of coins at exchanges, trading at exchanges
 Myth about Decentralization – case of Ethereum

Session - 6

 ​Types of Blockchains – Public / Permissioned / Permissionless, meaning, names of Blockchains, how to identify which is required, picking a Blockchain
 Use of Blockchains with Cryptos / without Cryptos
 Meaning of 51% attack, Consensus, Types of consensus

Session - 7

 ​​Coins Vs. Tokens : Meaning explained with examples
 Use cases of blockchain : How to identify the use cases, non-use cases
 Identifying the application of Blockchain
 Concept of Layer 0, Layer 1, Layer 2 Blockchains
 Smart Contracts – meaning explained with examples, use cases of smart contracts

Session - 8

 ​Practicals : Set-up a Blockchain (Multichain) :
 Multichain Framework – Brief explained, Importance of Multichain,
 About Bitcoin Blockchain

Session - 9

 ​​Enterprise Blockchains, Private Blockchains, Basics of Hyperledger Fabric

Session - 10

 ​Hyperledger Fabric – Concepts, Components, Smart Contracts

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