Professional Foundation Course in Blockchain & Cryptos

Why you  Need for Foundation / Fundamental concepts of Blockchain & Cryptos before you enter your advance trajectory of Blockchain & Crypto Space. 

Q :  Is it important for my advance career? Why should I go for fundamentals of Blockchain & Cryptos?

                                  " Every Tall & Big Building Has Strong Foundation Pillars"  

Any good Architect or engineer will always spend his majority time in designing strong foundation in order to have a durable building.   

Similarly things in Blockchain & Crypto space are so interlinked that call for going in to depths of fundamental things of Blockchain & Crypto, in order to become a good Architect or Developer or Consultant etc. 

Cryptos N Coffee(cryptocncex) has taken a step in designing a ‘Professional Foundation Course in Blockchain & Cryptos’ for Beginners, Entrepreneurs, Mid-Level Executives, Sales & Marketing professionals in Cryptos & Blockchain eco system. 

This Professional Foundation Course provides a fundamental  engagement learning experience with real-world Blockchain & Crypto applications in Crypto exchanges, Defis, Fintechs, Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoTs), Machine Learning (ML), Healthcare, Hospitality, Supply Chain Management and more.

This is the Online Base Camp with duration of two months and appx. 2 to 3 hours weekly.

This Professional Foundation course will prove to be the first step in the journey for any professional looking  to upgrade his/her skills and position in the corporate world.
The main purpose is to enhance your skill set and unlock new blockchain-related opportunities for you. If you want to accelerate the pace of your career and join the blockchain revolution,  this course is a vital initial step.

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